Portable and Cost-effective Particulate Matter Monitoring System (PRECEPT) is a project for promoting Research, Technological Development and Innovation, financed by the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, under the pillar Sustainable RTDI System. This innovative 3-year project aims in developing a portable and cost-effective monitoring system from determining the properties of atmospheric aerosols (i.e the concentration, size and mass), in order to determine their influence on air quality, and thus in assessing their potential health and climate effects.

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 Aerosols   Air Quality   Climate   Human Health 

PRECEPT is materialized by a collaboration between Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services (ADITESS) Ltd, a scientific, consulting, and research SME and The Cyprus Institute (CyI), a non-profit research and education institution with a scientific and technological orientation. The project involves, highly skilled scientific personel with different disciplines ( e.g atmospheric scientists, engineers) from both partners, making use of state of the art scientific equipment in order to reach its goals.