PRECEPT Objectives

The main objective of PRECEPT is to design, build and characterize a portable and cost-effective monitoring system for determining the properties of atmospheric aerosols with modern networking capabilities aiming at:

  • Increasing the spatial resolution of aerosol measurements (e.g., a network of these devices may be employed for assessing the air quality at different spots in cities).
  • Act as monitoring/warning system (e.g., in workplaces where increased particle concentrations pose a health risk).
  • Help in better understanding of the contribution of atmospheric particles on climate by offering the ability of vertical measurements of their properties using lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

  • Other objectives of PRECEPT are:

    • Opportunity to test new techniques/instruments for measuring heath/climate relevant properties of atmospheric particles.
    • Further exploitation of the partners high level scientific infrastructure.
    • Transfer of knowledge and expertise between the consortium members in the fields of new technologies development and air pollution, helping all contributing parts in advancing their research abilities and expanding their practical applications.