Work Packages

Work Packages

PRECEPT is planned in a modular way so that each step of the project (i.e., prototype design, construction, calibration/evaluation,testing etc.) forms a work package (WP), ensuring crucial control and actions for achieving the main objectives of the project.

• The first WP (WP1) includes the management and the coordination of the project, involving decision making and risk assessment/reduction procedures, coordination of the consortium members, for ensuring the good progress of the project, according to the work plan.

• The second WP (WP2) includes all the dissemination activities, for increasing the visibility of both partners in the scientific community but also for informing the general public in project related issues.

•The third WP (WP3) includes the initial design of the prototype of the portable/cost-effective PM monitoring system.

•The fourth WP (WP4) is the Prototype development.

•The fifth WP (WP5) is the Prototype testing. The prototype will be tested and evaluated against standard/methods instrumentation used for the same scope and also under varying environmental conditions (WP5).

•The necessary improvements/modifications and construction of more units will take place under WP6.

•A number of finalized units will be deployed for conducting long term field and aerial observations under real life conditions (WP7).