PRECEPT Participation in the European Aerosol Conference 2019 in Gothenburg Sweden

The European Aerosol Conference (EAC) provided a unique opportunity for deepening our knowledge in the field of aerosol science and technology, exchanging ideas with scientists and researchers from this interdisciplinary field and expand our collaboration networks. The European Aerosol Conferences (EACs) are the traditional meeting places for aerosol scientists from around the world, offering the opportunity to learn more about the latest in theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of aerosol science.

EACs pose an exciting discussion forum for scientists working with basic aerosol research, development of aerosol techniques or applying one of its several techniques in a rich variety of scientific topics. This year’s topics included nanotechnology, combustion aerosols, chemistry and physics of aerosols, medicine (inhalation, exposure and health), instrumentation, as well as indoor and ambient aerosols. PRECEPT project participated with two poster presentations (first), (second), significantly contributing to the visibility of the project, as well as, in the dissemination of preliminary results. Our participation besides enriching our knowledge, also resulted in discussions and exchange of ideas with other scientists of the field. The need of cost-effective and portable particulate monitors was underlined in these discussions, thus increasing our confidence on the importance of the main goals of PRECEPT and on the means for reaching them.

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