Climate Change: Is it really happening? Are we humans causing it? How can the risks associated with a rapidly changing climate be mitigated?

Dr. Michel Jarraud, a distinguished scientist and Secretary-General Emeritus of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) covered all these subjects in his public lecture entitled “Climate Change: From Doubt to Evidence – Global and Regional Aspects”, which took place in The Cyprus Institute premises, on Monday, October 7th 2019.  In his talk, Dr Jarraud, focused on how climate science can inform policy and decision making at all scales, from global to regional to local, in the context of a changing climate. The public lecture provided a historical perspective and described how the IPCC process developed, in order to make available the most authoritative information, with respect to climate change, the anthropogenic contribution to it and the necessity and urgency to deal with both mitigation and adaptation aspects. Dr. Jarraud noted that different countries need to cooperate across disciplines and across borders. The rapid worsening of the global climate force us to take into account different time scales of how our world will evolve. In addition, the public lecture addressed the linkages with sustainable development issues, the need to adjust governance mechanisms, and also presented future perspectives. According to Dr. Michel Jarraud, countries need to have global strategies for key sectors as energy, transport, industry and forestry. “No country can do it alone. A multilateral approach is absolutely essential”, he noted.

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